Michael Reardon memorial

Update: I found this on the Supertopo.com forum and thought it was worth posting:
"from an interview I did with Michael on Crimpermag.com:
JM. To conclude, if the unthinkable ever happened, what would you most like to be remembered for? (This needn't be climbing related - I personally believe that the reason I was put on this planet is for my son Sam).

MR. Don’t shed a tear, raise a pint and laugh because I’m living hard and loving harder than anyone has a right to. Besides, the devil won’t have me and we know the old man upstairs isn’t opening the gates so I’ll still be around and giggling right along with you until we meet again."

All I'm going to say is my condolences to his family - here's the link to TGU's report from it initially, and the update on the memorial service on climbing.ie. I know he's crossed quite a few paths with Irish climbers on his regular visits.

For the ultimate idea of what he's like, read his final blog entry on climbing.com
Gives a pretty good idea of his love of Ireland, and his general enthusiasm for life in general!
Live life to the max and all that, chase your dreams, do what you love.
And on that note, I'm off to check out flights, and maybe go climbing.

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