Interesting comments

Ah, the wonders of the internet for keeping in touch with people.

An old college buddy found me on Bebo (blame my lil' sis for being on the site :), and wrote up this great comment for me. Funny to see someone write this about me now:

"Thanks neal! You know it might sounds strange to you but i kinda knew that you will be doing something like this one day ( Travelling the world ). I still remember the day when you came back from a long adventurous holiday, we were just starting the year in college, i think it was the 4th year and it could be the 3rd, anyhow, you came back with a nice suntan and an orange hair, I rememer that day very well, and if I am not just imagining and judging from the look at your face, I could tell that you hated being in class at that moment and you wanted to be where you belong and you wished if your adventure could have been much longer. Wilderness, mountains, freedom and away from "the fake world". Enjoy amico and dye your hair with all the colours of the rainbow this time."

For those who didn't know me back in 2002/3, I bleached for hair for a couple of months in a moment of madness. Don't ask, but it was a good laugh at the time ;)

Still though, I wish he'd told me back then and saved me having to wait until 2007 before I headed off ;) But then again, I wouldn't have experienced some great times with work (yes, I'd a few of them!), met a lot of people (would I have visited Norway again, climbed all over Europe, China for that trip with Dee, found the cool SLC and the great HAP, if I'd just gone traveling, who knows?) and had some great times in Ireland in the meantime.....
Anyway, El, hope you're enjoying yourself also, wherever you are!

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