aches, scratches and warmth?!

So, snowboarding has begun! Sweet as :) Two days down, and I'm aching. Firstly, having my own snowboard (instead of a rental) is sooo sweet - talk about a much better board and performance! So with that, I've been working hard at learning to ride the board in both directions without issues (being a left-handed and right-footed means that I'm picking it up a little quicker than usual it seems) and am now managing to land 180 jumps - in one direction at least ;) Still though, I haven't managed to splatter myself too much on the slopes which is a good thing considering there's barely any snow down. It literally is a case of dodging the grassy and stony patches. Crazy stuff and as you can guess, a bit bruising on the snowboard also - hence the scratches :) Still though, good fun.
I'm amazed at how small the resort is over here also. Relative to a European or American resort, I'd say it's about a third of the size at best meaning you have to be creative not to get bored doing the same slopes every day! It also has about a tenth of the people on the hill meaning that there's loads of room for messing about without worrying about running someone over (or someone running you over).
Thankfully they have some HUGE jumps made up so I can learn how to land those, and obviously try not to kill myself at the same time.
As for photos, I'll try sort some out soon with a borrowed camera (mine is too big to board with). I've some funky video footage which I'll throw up when I can get Carole's camera off her....stay tuned.

In between all this, I've been getting back into the running game again and doing some climbing training. I feel like I've been run over by a steam train which then reversed over me to make sure some days I'm so stiff. Awesome :) After boarding yesterday, I was dropped off at the climbing wall for an hour on the fingerboard before running the 25 minutes back home. I completely bonked about 10 minutes from home and had to walk - my legs weren't working very well by then! Still though, after a few hours chilling out last night and a good rest, I was up at 8am this morning for another 50 minute run. Amazingly enough, who'd have thought it, but my legs were o.k.? A bit stiff to start with but charging along within 10 minutes of starting.
Total this week: two days snowboarding, 7 sessions at the climbing gym (over 3-1/2 days), and 4 runs (total about 3 hours). Amount of food eaten? Enough for about three people ;)

As for warmth? Well, it's meant to be the middle of winter here - I was out running in a t-shirt and shorts this morning like I have all week - it's really warm here at the moment! Considering the weather is gone crazy everywhere this year, I'm hoping this is only a freak year and not a sign of things to come.......

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