Whale watching

The lighthouse at Point Perpendicular

Last but not least. Since I couldn't climb, I went along to try and see what is one of my most favorite creatures. The whales can be seen travelling up the east coast of Australia from south of Tasmania each year so we thought we'd see if we could get a quick look.

We'd been told by a legend of Australian climbing, John Fantini, that Point Perpedincular (a location he climbed lots of new routes) is pretty good. Stories of hanging on a rope 50 meters above the water while a pod of whales rolls by were still rolling around my head from when I'd chatted with John many months ago in Thailand.
Well, I couldn't climb but we could still sit at the top of the cliff. All the guys had gone climbing, so I was left to fend for myself with the three ladies – Julie-ann, Liz and Joe. It turns out they like café's as much as I do also :)

Oh yeah, the whales. Well, I saw two puffs of air blowing into the wind miles off shore, but we'd no luck in seeing them up close. Oh well, another time, I'll definitely be back (and probably with a boat and a big lens for my camera ;).
Still though, as we sat in a café on a local beach, we decided on a brief stroll before heading home. Only to be greeted by about 12 dolphins surfing the waves about 20 meters off the beach! How cool is that?!?!? Oh I was wishing I'd brought my shorts and bodyboard....

The amazing colored seaweed on the beach where we saw the dolphins. Photo is unedited.

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