A week in the city

Melbourne, Vic, Australia (link to Google Maps)

The noise. That's what I also notice after having been out of the city for a week or two (or three). Maybe my eyes just don't notice the extra movement, the largeness of everything, but I always remember the humm (can't really put it any other way!).
Do I like it? Well, it just takes a bit of getting used to again :)

Why the 5 days in Melbourne when I could have spent another day at the Gallery so that I could have the one last go that is needed to get that other 8a (which is all that's required now)? We have to sell The Barge, meaning it's a case of dashing from hostel to hostel to supermarket noticeboard, placing as many ads as we can. And then waiting. You can guess how thrilled I am by this :)
Unfortunately, it's the middle of winter so there aren't many backpackers looking to go off road-tripping so it's not an easy sell. But, with a knocked down price, we have one last potential buyer which we'll be hearing from today. If not, it's being taken off us from a garage at a ridiculously low price but we don't have a choice. Still though, we've worked it out and it still cost us less than renting a car for three months which is all good. If a traveler buys it, it works out much better of which I won't complain as the amount will pay for my snowboarding gear in New Zealand :)

Still though, it's also amazing how many things I've had to look into while here! I've been crashing with my cuz, Evelyn (thanks!!!), so had lots of time to catchup and hear updates on our own families (one of the amusing quirks of traveling is that you always seem to know more about what's going on in with my relatives more than what's going on with my family :). I've also resorted to a little pampering with lots of time being spent in café's (also due to fact I can get 'net access ;) - I'm not complaining!

So, plan ahead? I've a page-long list of items to be taken care of before we fly to Christchurch tomorrow. busy busy busy.....

Also, here's a funky panoramic that I was able to put together. It's a free application for Macs (there's a Windoze version also). App is called Calico for those who've seen the light and moved to a Mac :)
This photo is actually 5 photos merged together. You don't do anything other than tell the app what photos you'd like to merge. Note, I haven't cropped it - I just let the application merge the photos, hence the black fringe areas. Many thanks to Chris for telling me about this

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