Temperature drops, proper routes & MTB

Me on the attempted onsight of '97% Fat Free' a grade 7b. Made a stupid mistake and fell off right up at the very top on my first go. amateurish, but learnt from it. No mistake the 2nd time, and hung from the finishing holds one-handed to clip the chains before jumping off ;). Photo taken by Ryan on my camera
It's back to sub-zero at night. Now even doing anything in the evenings is hard work, other than sit around and read and chat. Still though, it's as simple lifestyle and we can't complain.

On that note, we're constantly amazed by our lack of use on resources while travelling. I was reading an article that mentioned that a typical Sydney house uses about 200,000litres of water a year. We're currently using about 300 a week (incl. showers), meaning a grand total of 16,000 litres a year (estimate). And that's 16,000 litres a year for 5 people in total! Talk about a bit of a difference. The main difference I can see? All the toilets we're using are composting toilets, meaning no water wasted here. I'm still not sure what makes up the rest of it though.....

On a climbing front, I've been shown around some of the other crags. What have I been doing at all the others wasting my time? After visiting two new areas, Bowens Creek and Boronia Point, the routes here are all 20-25 metres long (short for Europe but huge for here) and I'm loving it :) None of this match-stick-sized holds that are on the shorter routes, so I'm getting on much better here. As usual, I'm leaving in 5 days now to head to another location so don't know if I'll have time to complete some decent routes. Will find out over the weekend if the last few weeks of climbing on tiny holds has helped get me any stronger (or just completely remove all skin on my hands – every day is now climbing with a grimace due to a continuous lack of skin). But the sweet part if we're getting so worked, I'm completely worn out each evening.
Tomorrow's activity? try and survive a day of mountain-biking with Chris. When I heard him asking about where all the big jumps are (we were told about one that jumps across a road?!?!?), I started to get worried.........

Walking like John Wayne & the modern backpacker

So long Shiver