Some fun photos

Seven Mile Beach before bodyboarding. I was the only person in the water! Self-portrait

O.k., as many of you know I have a regular habit of making an idiot of myself, especially while away and having fun. So, just for you folks, I thought I'd give you a laugh from some of the more recent photos. As a special request, and since I do enjoy user interaction, I'd like you to put captions on them! Don't worry, I won't take offence at any comments, there's been much worse photos of me over the years (does anyone remember that one of me in the Alps? Dave? Rob? ;)
I've added some commentary to the photos, just to explain where they occurred!

so, low and behold............

Bored in the campsite. No, I've no idea what came over me ;) Photo courtesy of Chris on my camera

On Seven Mile Beach near Nowra. Gale force winds and I'm the only looney on the beach ..... self portrait photo (camera balanced on the camera bag)

The end of boarding session. Taken by Sean on my camera

Long jump competition

One of the bouldering holes in Nowra