So long Shiver

A good (and bad) end to the story of our adopted doggie. O.k., so I admit that we spent a small fortune buying him dog food, and treats, and some blankets (it's regularly about sub-zero degrees at night now). But the plan was to drop down to the vet and see if he had an electronic implant with his owner's details.
the great news? He has one so by the time this is posted, he'll hopefully be back with his proper owners.
the bemusing news is we'd all come pretty attached to him. He was my wake-up call at 6:45am every morning (I can't run after hurting my foot in a fall last week so needed an incentive), and most of the gang's warm-up every day as they spent all morning chasing him up and down the road playing games :) fun fun fun!
Still though, I hope we didn't treat him better than the proper owners, otherwise I've a feeling he'll be looking for us again :)

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