Music update

As many of you will remember, I put out a request for some new music a couple of weeks ago. After about three weeks, the final tally is about 18 new tracks. Many thanks to all those that sent them on, it's been most entertaining listening to them, and believe it or not, they do get a regular playing! Young Fla, I hope you didn't spend all your time on the 'net ;) To my Austrian friends, brilliant! To all those DCU-ers, nice on, especially to the music track from 'First Ascent' – we'd seen that movie a few weeks ago so thought the music was fab.
Do people want me to post a list of the tracks, or is there anything fun/interesting I can do with them? Considering most of you have some great music tastes, I'd recommend you all sign up together on so you can share music!

As always, I'll happily take any new tracks, so if you've any more send them on, as we've tired of the 40GB of music we already have. Who'd have thought? :)
To those who supplied music in the Windows Media format (.wma), feck ye anyway as I had to go and use Windows for a while to convert them :) I'm joking, but it's amazing how much I've converted to the simplicity of Macs!

With regards to all this, I must say I'm pretty amazed. Most of you will be aware I'm a big believer in this social sharing and networking – I'd much rather have any good experiences I pick up on everything from destinations to thoughts to training recorded and that they potentially will of use to someone else somewhere along the line. Hence the write-ups that I've been putting together (e.g. the photo intro).
And on that note, who'd have thought it would be so much entertainment writing up this blog? I can honestly say I'm having a blast doing it, and along with the extra avenues that have opened up because of it (see my new role on TeamGearedUp for example, yes that is a cheeky promotion :). I've no idea where it's going to go, but I'll have a laugh while it continues!

That's going to hurt.....

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