Long jump competition

O.k., so nothing too exciting, but for some reason I love the action in this photo. Sean messing about in our gale-force-wind long jump competition (the things you do on a rainy day when you can't do anything else).
Photo was caught by a fluke. I wasn't even holding the camera up to see what i was shooting - just pointed and held the trigger down.
Original photo will be posted on flickr also.

Also, as you'll notice, I'm posting all photos that are used in this blog to Picasa (Google's photo website), but posting all my favorite photos to Flickr, sort of as a portfolio. Again, if anyone uses any photos and wants to donate, I'll be most grateful! All this internet access and hardware has to be paid for somehow! Yes, that is a shameless plug to support my travels ;)

Chris practising hakisacking while on one of the many beaches around Nowra. Rainbow in the background. Photo perched on a wooden pole for stability.

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