Final update before The Gramps

Nowra, NSW, Australia (Google Maps link)

I've been posting the odd update to TeamGearedUp but am keeping the main, and important thoughts and comments to this blog. Still though, since this is applicable to both blogs, here's the update of what's planned for the next few days....

Full blog entry is here:
"......Still though, with only two weeks left in Australia, I'm happy to prepare myself for my final challenge.
It's a route I tried a few weeks ago in The Gallery at The Grampians National Park, 3 hours west of Melbourne, going by the wonderful name of 'Baby Koalas in the Eucalyptus' (29/8a/5.13b). Don't ask me, I didn't name it!
Overhanging as much as I climb in vertical height (15 meters), this is not my style (I'm a much more of an endurance climber, this involves bag-loads of power) but I fell off with only one rest on my previous attempts (I've tried it about 7 or 8 times now) so I'm ready to try put it all together. Fingers and toes crossed for me people!

As a concidence, Carole McGloughlin (another Irish climber on a world tour) took this photo on a previous attempt. A fantastic action photo (from an earlier attempt, but ironically of where my highest point has been on the route).

Author on ‘Koalas…’ (29/8a/5.13b), The Gallery, Grampians National Park, Australia"
Note: Carole took the above photo. Brilliant timing!...."

Personal thoughts? this route is working me hard! But as usual, it'll come down to me wanting the route or not. The crux (hardest) section of the climb is straight-forward but it's so sustained in climbing, both before and after. Still though, this is only a warm-up for me to harder routes so I'm sooooo psyched to tick it off!!!!!

p.s. it's DUMPING down with rain today!?!? I'd planned to attempt to climb now that the burn is (slightly) healed, however it's obviously a sign from the Climbing Gods that I should take a break :) Oh well, Pirates of the Caribbean tonight and then a 14-hour drive tomorrow...... Catch you all next week!

have a great weekend all!

And now for today's weather report....

Food meals from......Google?