You've been Possomed! and happy thoughts

Oh the joys. It's a simple life we live but always gives laughs. I got chatting to an American traveller today who was looking very upset. What happened? Well, it turns out a Possom demolished his food bag during the night. Now considering that these guys are tiny (think the same size as a small dog, but not as small as CragBaby :), I was pretty impressed to find that a single Possom managed to finish off eight hotdogs on his own! Gave me a smile for a while anyway :)

In between all that, I was acting the fool by jumping off routes for a camera. One of the groups we met today was keen for some action photos, so I duly obliged by jumping from about 5 metres above the last bolt. One (very) decent plummet later, I had another satisfied photographer as I was caught in perfect mid=flight. I'm trying to get my hands on the photographs also so stay tuned :)
why the messing about and no serious climbing? Well, it'd been raining again and after trying my project and fallen off at my usual point in the crux and then practising the moves to find loads of the holds up high were wet (turned out they were all slimey from the mist and rain spray) I wasn't in the mood for trying again! I haven't had a decent jump in a while anyway so it was good fun and lightened the mood for everyone on a very overcast day in the Grampians.

As you can guess, this is a very laid back write=up. It's funny how you let little gripes get to you. As I'm sure a few of ye noticed I was highly bummed out after taking the 6 week travelling lay=off around Asia. I'm privileged that I have the ability and means to disappear from the Real World of work for a time and enjoy something a little different for a while. It's times like now that make me realise that I shouldn't let the frustrations in life get to me.
To clarify my reasons: I put a lot of effort into training the past year before I ended up heading off on this world tour as I'd some big goals planned for myself this year in sport long before I'd made any plans for travelling. As an equivalent example, taking that travelling break was the equivalent of an athlete taking a few weeks off just before flying out to a major competition – i.e. complete madness. O.k., so it's an extreme example, but you get the drift.

I had some personal ambitions for this year that I wanted to achieve and that break did not help. Still though, every cloud has a silver lining and you always learn something about yourself from the speedbumps that life throws up. And to those who mailed with the enthusiastic words to keep me sane, you know how you are, thanks and respect!

By the way, we were out for a drink yesterday evening and I found these two comments on a poster in the bar, and they seemed pretty wise words:
“Success: Some people dream of success, while othes wake up and work hard at it”
“Oppurtunity: there is always an island of oppurtunity in the middle of every difficulty”

Well, continuing on from these, I found out from my lay-off that I've a few goals I want to achieve and they're not just in sport!
so kids, your question of day, what's your answer to the above. and don't worry, I don't expect any replies to this one :) That's one to distract yourself with while doodling away.......

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