Upside-down land and considerations

I'm getting hammered. I've never had to work so hard on such steep terrain. I've no idea what I'm doing it's so steep! Amusingly, the only way I've figured out how to climb on this sort of climbing is from the pile of photographs that I took of Martina. After looking through the photos I've been able to put together a sequence that makes sense. Crazy!
Also, in the meantime, have a laugh and watch this video: I think it's pretty funny. It's a very early and aborted attempt involving a major foot slip and a very unexpected self realising that he hasn't fallen off. Watch on.......and I fully expect to some slagging for this, there's so many errors it's pretty funny to watch. As you can guess, I'm going to try video some more climbs as they're pretty funny to watch afterwards :)
Still though, it's my current project. At grade 29, that puts it in other grading schemes at 8a or 5.13b. Once again, it's making me work and I'm so glad that I've taken on this challenge as I'm so far out my comfort zone on it. This route is about 20 metres high, and overhangs the same (i.e. for every one metre I climb up, I climb out 1 metre also). This is not my sort of climbing. And I'm loving it!

In the meantime, Brian (Chris' cousin once again), has decided to pop up for the weekend to try out some camping-life. He's having a blast, and as he said, if it wasn't for finances, he'd quit right now. It's great that to convert someone to the outdoors, all we have to do is drive them to the campsite and just tell them to look up. We're about 30miles from the nearest town in all directions and surrounded on three sides by hills meaning that every star can be seen. It's like someone pricked a lot of holes in a black sheet. Pretty special. And as you can guess, Brian's comments were something along the lines of “holy shit”, “get out of here”, etc.
Unfortunately, it was 1am when he decided on this, so I've been cringing and trying to keep a low profile around the campsite. O.k., so I'm ranting here, but if you realise that people are camping around you, should you not be more quiet? All I could do was go to bed and try not to get involved. The sad part is it was after 3am when the rest of the group decided to pack it in and head to bed. You can guess that we're not the most popular group in town because of this! Back to the main reason, how hard is it to think of other people!?!? [ah, my first rant on the blog, excellent :)]

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