Some trial articles

So, I've been playing about with some ideas the past while and decided to put finger to keyboard (the modern day equivalent of pen to paper).
As the climbers will know, I usually post all info from climbing locations I've ever been to onto the site. So, without further ado, find the details for Thailand. I'm working on another for Australia but it's far from complete.......

The second is something a little more unusual. I've thrown this together as a little experiment for myself and to see if it's of any use to someone. Basically, a introduction to tinkering with your camera. It's not too technical, but should hopefully point you in the right direction for playing with more creative photos.
Once again, let me know if it's any use.

Have a look and see what you think, all criticisms/comments are more than welcome on anything from whether they're complete crap, to useful, to needs more/less words, anything basically....
who'd have thought I could be productive while sitting 30 miles from the nearest electricity cable ;)

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