Short update: winter temps have arrived!

Firstly, thanks to those with the music - but we need more!

Since I now know that I've got lots of climbers, friends from work, friends from my home town, family, extended family - all reading my musings, there must be some more people who have access to music they can send. Still though, great work and much appreciated to those who sent on music.

the update for this week? Well, I had a request for more climbing info so here it is:

Well, to keep it short, we're back in Grampians National Park. Currently based at The Gallery, one of the steepest crags I've ever been on.
Everyone is working hard, but it's soooo steep!

Chris is already up to 7a's, and looking well strong. He's not near his limit.
Sean is working hard on his 7c. He's managed to do all the sections of it and just needs to hold it all together.....stay tuned!

I decided I needed a project to keep myself busy. After the last big project of mine from climbing, the 8a+ in Thailand, I wanted something just as hard but completely different. Soooo, you guessed it, it's 50 degrees overhanging for the first 8 metres, then it's a horizontal roof for 2, followed by another 8 that's 'only' overhanging by 60degrees. Basically, super physical and wayy steeper than something I'm good at.
Still though, I'm having a blast and have linked large sections of it so give it time.....

Other than that, we've been busy dashing around bringing people to Melbourne, collecting them, diverting 60miles to collect someone else (who realises they've forgotten something and means going back....), so to my good friend who's struggling with lack of time - I can relate at times! Look after yourself buddy!

Also, the weather has turned. It's now dry again, but utterly freezing. The car windows are iced in the mornings, and we're camping in a valley that gets no sun before 10am. It is sooo tough getting up at 7am for a run when you don't have a warm building to prepare in. Talk about taking it out of me!
O.k., being kicked off the web so a more interesting write-up next time.....

As someone also asked about the 8a+ in Thailand, it'd be 8a for anywhere else in the world. My criteria for picking this one route was that I asked around and made sure it was up to standard and at the very most one grade over what it would be anywhere else. Basically, I'm giving myself an 8a tick for getting that climb!

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