A music trial

As you know we've been on the road for the past three months. Well, even with the wonders of iPods and tons of music, new music is always good! We've been listening to Sean's iPod and would gladly take some new music.

So, as a bit of fun, and since I'm a big believer in the ability of the internet for sharing information (you wouldn't have this diary without it - not sure if that's good or a bad thing however ;), and most importantly, for some novelty I've a little request.
How about everyone takes one mp3 (i.e. music file) and emails it to me? Make it your favourite track, or something new that's really good, or alternative, rocky/popy/dancy/jazzy/whatever you think. I'll even compile a list of what's sent and I'll publish it if people want.

I'm looking forward to seeing some new music in my inbox in 4 or 5 days! don't be afraid people, I know there's loads of people reading this :)

Send the files to my 2nd email account on Gmail. ntesting [at] gmail.com
Set the subject on the email as “new music” (without the quotations)

p.s. With regards to file size, be patient with the email, it'll take a while to send as a music file is small but not that small. And of course, the longer the music track, the larger the file. I've a feeling some email accounts won't allow you send such a large file, but for those with a Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo account it won't be a problem.
p.p.s yes I'm sure there is some possible sort of (legal?) implication due to sharing of music, however due to my current situation I have no access to music anyway and have no real intention of buying something unless it's really good, sohopefully no-one has any qualms about this.

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