A look at the local wildlife

Since we've joked about the random animals that keep me constantly entertained while based here in Australia, I thought I'd post a few pictures.

Firstly, the old reliable and symbol of Austrilia, the one and only Wallabee. O.k., so it's a minuature Kangaroo but since they're way more common they're easier to find :) About a metre high (three foot), these little critters can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, the most common place we see them is on the roads which involves some interesting manouveurs to save them. Driving over here at night in the outback can be pretty stressful!

But most importantly, and my favourite of all creatures here (even if I have a never ending battle with them to stop them eating my food!): the Kookaburra. 30cm high, and built like a tank, these guys rule the roost in the foresty cover. All other birds are scared of them. Rightly so, if you ask me, we've seen them to be pretty agressive against some of the crows, especially when they team up!
Still though, having pulled off the audacious act of landing right beside me on my first day while I made my sandwich, flipping all the food off the top of the bread and making off with said piece of bread, I have some serious respect for the little guys! You can't get much more cheeky than that.
To add to that, they're also very chilled out around us humans. Both photos were taken without a zoom – I was sitting down beside this little guy patting him on the head in between photos. They maybe be agressive and pretty cheeky, but they're also not afraid of modelling :) If I'd room in the car, I know what pet I'd take at the moment!

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