Last week's funny story

How could I forget this story?!?!

This one will hopefully make some people laugh....... :)

We had to drop off Dawid for this train to Sydney last Monday. To finish off the trip, it seemed like a great idea to drive The Great Ocean Road, a supposed truly beautiful strip of tarmac that runs for about 200kms into Melbourne along the southern coast. Since it only added about 4 hours drive to our journey, it seemed like a great idea!
The plan became to drive down along it, take some photos along the way, and arrive for sunset at the 12 apostles, standing pillars or sandstone rising out of the sea. O.k., so there's currently only 7 left, but who's counting?!!? ;) Then, leaving here, drive on another 80kms to meet up with Ryan and his sister for a few drinks out in the surftown of Lorne.
The first three parts went so well. Too well as it turned out! You see, we had a minor problem in the car where the glovebox light woudn't turn off and was flatening the battery (we'd had to replace the original in the car as the car regularly sits idle for 5/6 days before another epic drive). So, innocently, we tried to remove it. With a bit of brute force.
That was strange, why did the interior light also go out? And, hmmm, why has the immobiliser indicator turned off? And now, why does the car sound like it wants to start but nothing is happening?
you guessed it, we blew out a fuse :) and in the mess of old-school electronics that is our mid-90's car, the engine is on the same fuse as the interior lights. Ingenious!
Amazingly, none of the other fuses seemed to be strong enough, and we couldn't figure out which one was dead anyway, so the unfortunate individual had to make a phone call to the AA, and sign up. We were in the middle of no-where and had to make a train the next day so no chances were being made it seemed. And no, just waiting till daylight (i.e. sleeping in the car) didn't seem an option either.
So, as one of our unfortunate trio get very very stressed about a broken car, the other two were in tears laughing on the ground at the hillarity that someone had signed onto the AA for $120 to pay for a car fuse! Yes, I'm still laughing as I write this!!!!!!

p.s. you'll notice I use 'we' for the description. I'll leave it to people to guess who was the culprit ;)

bye bye Dawid

Sean working