bye bye Dawid

So long Dawid, now the trio is only two. After a quick stop-off in Melbourne including some bangors and mash as a last dinner together, myself and Sean were left to deal with each other.

A quick goodbye, and an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Dawid to play his digeradoo the whole way back to Sydney, and Dawid was on his way. I don't envy his lonnnngggg flight home!

So long photographer, hopefully see a couple of your photos soon!

The Great Ocean Road.

In the meantime, find some of my own photos from The Great Ocean Road, and a collection of photos taken by Ryan of me practising the moves on The Fortress, grade 26. I managed to get it first go a few minutes after lowering off. Amusingly after getting to the top, I realised I'd forgotten to take off my combats which I was wearing over my shorts. It was cold and all underneath my harness so far enough right!? And then I realised that I'd climbed the route with my hat on, and the hood on my hoodie up also. I'm surprised I could move at all :) Still though, my grades have taken such a plummet, it's pretty miserable after putting in all the effort back in Ireland. 6 weeks off does a lot of damage it turns out :( All I can do is start putting the effort back in! Oh, I miss a fingerboard for gaining strength though!

These Aussies know how to climb hard also, this did not feel easy......I've been scared off Lord of the Rings, the super-classic grade 31 after this and an aborted attempt on a grade 29 – I couldn't find any holds!
Talk about frustrating, it looks like this weekend will be spent bouldering in the hopes of getting my arms to climb harder than at present. Not easy, you should see the state of my fingertips!
Roll on the Grampians next week :)

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