Blog tinkering

So, some small changes to the blog.

At present, you'll notice that most of the photos I use in the blog end up in the photo gallery also. This is a bit messy for me so I'm going to change this a little. I'm only going to post my best photos to Flickr (use it as a best of the best), and post the others just to the blog. Let me know if you prefer it the other way.

If you do however want a full quality version of any photo, just send me a mail with the link to the photo, and I'll get back to you directly by email. It takes too long to publish full quality versions anymore.

Also, I've eventually gotten around to starting to re-update the route ticklist. It's looking quite sparce I have to say considering I've been away quite a while! only 53 different routes in total. this obviously doesn't account for repeats of routes (I've climbed one of the routes on this list at least 30 times).
Considering I've spent 4 or 5 days on a single route, no wonder I'm not getting that many other routes done :)

Some trial articles

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