Blog status & the electronics

O.k., so it's nothing special in numbers, but just to let you know that this blog has been read 1,000 times in the past 3 months! That averages out as about 10 people per day keeping an eye on us! Have you got nothing better to be doing? ;) he he he

Seriously, thanks to all for checking in and hope you've been enjoying it. I have to say its been entertaining on my part also to keep an online existence alive and kicking in the wilds of Asia and the outback of Australia.
In case anyone is wondering, a Macbook can more than handle the abuses of living out of a car and only being turned on in cold conditions :) Haven't times changed when travellers carry laptops?!?!
On that subject, I'm far from the only person currently lugging around a small mountain of electronics. At Arapiles alone (where there's no electricity and of the estimated 50 people living on the campsite, 15 of them were long-term residents), there were at least 7 laptops. Times have changed!

p.s. as some of you will remember, I put some adverts on the side of the blog (they're still there). Well, supposedly it is meant to reflect what the blog is about (i.e. it monitors what is being written and only shows adverts that it thinks would be relevant to readers of the blog).
well, the current advert I'm seeing is for: 'melbourne single: find friends or love on the largest dating site, browse or join free'
eh?!?!??!? O.k., I know I try to vary my topics but can anyone tell me where I got to romantic discussions? :) Sometimes computers aren't as smart as you'd like!

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