Arapiles continued

The love-hate relationship continues with Arapiles.

It still looks like a choss-pile but sometimes there's a glimmer of fantastic-ness (no, that's not a word, but that just shows my opinion towards here - I don't wan to use a great description for it :)

Anyways, have ticked the classic, supposedly best route in Arapiles: Despatched (23). With some bolts, a single brass for protection (for non-climbers, that means really small and potential for BIG fall), it's pretty wild. Of course, there's the 'but'. But, the traverse. Right at the end, just to completely ruin the rest of the route. I fell off, after spending 30 minutes hanging from to crimps trying to work out a sequence. Even after all that, I still fell off. Basically, smooth glassy rock. It turns out everyone falls here. Eh, why don't you move the lower-off point? It's a traverse to the middle of the cliff to some bolts that are only for this route so why not move them?!?! Daft.

Other than that, I fell off the end of a 25 (bolted :) that I was trying as a warm-up so pretty happy with my climbing improvements. Although, it was crimps and edges on a 5 degree overhanging wall so those who've seen me climb will know that this is whay I'm really good at ;)
We'll see how it goes in the next few days before we return to the crazy Taipan Wall and Gallery in the Grampians National Park.......
Sean, romped up the 25 almost clean also so he's going well too.

Now, if they'd just decide if the routes were trad or bolted..........

By the way, more rain AGAIN! Crazy stuff. Thankfully, myself and Sean are now full-time runners, haki-sackers, and tea-drinkers so have been able to pass the time ;)

I promise a more interesting write-up next time!

Sean working

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