Cool Book thoughts

“I think we all...have to earn our future. It's like anything else important. If we don't earn it, we don't ahve a future at all. If we don't earn it, if we don't deserve it, we have to live in the present more or less forever.....”

I've been reading an (for me) amazing book the past few weeks. It's 'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts. Besides the fact that this guy has led a fascinating life; he was the most wanted criminal in Australia at one point after escaping over the front wall of a maximum security prison, escaped to India where he was essentially adopted by the country, ended up acting in Bollywood, before ending up Afghanistan fighting for the rebels – and never mind the fact that he wrote the book three times after guards destroyed the original two versions! It is, of course, based on his true story but at the very least the last part of it is true.

What's really fascinated me is the discussions ongoing throughout the book (I'm only half way through after reading the first half), it's his insights on human nature. I've never seen so many verbal descriptions that describe life. As you can guess, the line at the top of the entry is taken from the book. For some reason, this one seems to have have hit a chord with me, and I'm increasingly finding myself thinking about it; especially as I continue on my world travel that is currently as open ended as it gets (i.e. one-way ticket as far as New Zealand at present).

Maybe it relates to us all, but as I live a lifestyle of: get up, eat, climb, eat, climb, run, eat, chat, sleep; I find that maybe there's something more to just travelling that I'm gaining from this trip.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this thought, so all comments welcome! I'm sure it'll come up in another entry in the future :)

Australia Climbing Festival

Sitting in Melbourne