Stamina climbing

Meet the Austrian star. Day 3 of continous climbing and she's looking pretty happy after her 3rd 28+ route in 3 days. That's at least a 7c+ route a day!
Today's demolition was of Koala at grade 29 (about 8a, 5.13b) on her 2nd go. She fell off the onsight about 7 metres from the top.
I now have a benchmark for stamina – I think I'd better start putting the effort in :)

Some photos below from Koala. This route is in the Gallery, in the Grampians National Park. A small crag of about 10 routes, all above 23 (6c+, 5.11+).

starting up the not-so-steep-section (only about 15 degrees overhanging)

O.k., so I was tinkering with the camera :) Still gives an idea of the steepness of the routes here...

p.s. these are the photos I ran up for. Had to rig up a rope for some of the photos, then abseil straight off the end half way through so that I could get some side photography. Busy busy busy.......who says taking a photo is easy?!


No internet in Oz?!? and owww.....