Sitting in Melbourne

Howdy y'all,

So we're still stuck in Melbourne! Unfortunately, there was some work to be done on the car for road safety certification so we're having to wait around for that. The the repairs were expected - unfortunately the fact that we forgot it was a Friday when we handed the car in, meaning that we'd be here all weekend was!

Still though, we've been making the most of it with an hour-long run for myself everyday, pull-ups on the doorframe for some sanity, joining the locals for coffee in one of the many cafés (there's more cafés than office blocks here almost), sampling the local foods, watching the historical comicbook ("300"), and generally becoming part of the city!

On an amusing side note, just showing how small a world it is, I bumped into a guy called Adam last week. He's an Aussie that I met almost 5 years ago while travelling around Europe on my first climbing trip. He cycled by the car the morning we arrived in Melbourne and we managed to get chatting :) Sweet, it does mean we've got free accomodation from now on in the big city....

So, it's now Monday morning, I'm using up the last of my free half-hour internet access slots in the hostel, and we're waiting on a call about the car. I'm guessing it's going to be this afternoon so looks like it'll be another day of runs, pull-ups, and cafés. It's a tough life :)

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