Our trusty car

Our trusty car
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Meet our 4.0 litres of American, Detroit, musclecar. O.k, it's really a stationwagon but hey.....
this car has transported 5 climbers (o.k., they were light), 4 haul bags totalling 80kgs, and 5 people's travelling gear, and two bouldering mats and a carry trolley on the roof all the way from Sydney to Melbourne. Awesome!

And yes, it does crap mileage - about 600kms at best from 60 litres of petrol.....ouch! thankfully, petrol is cheap here, although I'm personally not too happy about it from other points of view :( Just bought some solar lamps for the campsite to stop us using so many batteries in our headtorches!

Funny photo

scenic over Blue Mountains