No internet in Oz?!? and owww.....

One thing I've been really surprised by here is the sheer lack of people around. There's no climbers here and it's really weird! Maybe they all stay up at Arapiles but bar the few weekenders from Melbourne, there are no climbers around. Not as much fun as the Euro climbing trips I have to admit as there's less of a social scene. Very strange. Still though, we're heading to Arapiles tonight so Dawid can have a look before he returns next weekend to Ireland so maybe we'll have more luck there.

On another note, you'll notice I've updated a load of entries today for the blog. Amazingly (well, for me anyway), there is little or no internet access over here. The only place we can find is the local learning centre who offer free internet access for up to 1 hour per day. That's 80kms away though, and with no phone signal in the climbing areas here either, you are seriously out of contact over here. Good and bad, there's less distractions from emails, etc. but the internet has become so important now for finding out information from the weather to local climbing info that it's surprising how everyone we meet is complaining that they can't get online!

My final comment: a rest day. Thank the climbing gods, cause my arms are in ribbons :) Sean has been given the task of distracting Martina for a few hours by bringing her climbing instead (she climbs 3 days on, then has a rest day in comparison to my usual 2 days of climbing) so I'm chilling out, drinking some tea, re-organising all the gear in my bed – sorry, car (the matress is wayyy more comfortable than a rollmat in a tent).

Still though, I might get some photos if I go up the 30minute hike to the crag of Sean and Martina climbing........ Oh, feck it, where's my running shoes and camera. Looks like I'm going to be sleeping well tonight once again.......

Update: 14mins on continuous uphill with a waist camera-bag on board. I was hurting but it was so worth it in the end as some of the photos came out pretty well! 11mins back downhill, it was a pretty sketchy run, my daftest in quite a while :)

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