Disappearing act in Oz

Hi all,

Don't worry, I haven't disappeared into the outback never to be seen again :) Thanks for the emails though wondering where we'd disappeared to, good to know some people are reading my pages.

In one of those ironic twists, I've arrived into the technologically advanced Western continent of Australia to find that there's very few internet cafes! In comparison to Asia, you've a greater chance of seeing tumbleweed here than get some internet access :)

Anyways, I'm doing my best to find some, in between trying to remind my arms how to climb again. I'm not sure which I'm having more success at. I'll hopefully have some good write-ups for you in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

Hope Easter is going well for everyone, and you're all having a good time, whatever part of the world you're in.

Take it easy,
Neal :)

Back online

G'day mate