Tricked by the locals AGAIN!

"We organise bus the whole way to Phnom Penh", they said.
"Oh great! how long?", we said.
"Only about 6 hours, not much more", they replied.
[to ourselves, allow an extra hour or so for Asian conservatisim] - "we can live with that, sign us up"

How wrong we were!
One epic 13-hour day later, crammed into the minibus as displayed with fifteen other foreigners, you can guess what state we were in :) A lesson to anyone from Asia, pass it on to your friends to stop lying to us, as we're getting tired of it! So many people we're meeting also who've said it'll be their last trip to Asia due to similar reasons to this. Sure hope they sort themselves out soon......

Anyway, dropped off the bus and of course, they're trying to sell us a room with cardboard walls for way-above-market-rate.
Welcome to Cambodia, eh? :)

In case you're wondering, this was arriving into Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia...

What's this hitting my head?

Feet up and.......relax