Traversing Laos

It seemed like such a good idea.
3 day slow trip to Luang Prabang in Laos.
Wonderful, see some sights, we told ourselves.
Until we saw the boat. And more importantly the seats. What did we do to deserve this?!?!? My ass is now horizontal after sitting on that flat piece of wood for at least 8 hours for two days straight!
The setup is pretty cool though, as you get to sit right beside the engine if you so please?!

O.k., the views were lovely, but again the haze (officially, Thailand has said there are now two disaster zones in northern Thailand - the Laos government isn't as 'helpful' with information) did it's best to darken it all up for us. Bad timing unfortunately!
Met some really cool locals at the mid-point stop, and saw the coolest spider ever! Before it was squished by one of my sidekicks..........not my ideal way of getting it out of our room :( Even the locals thought we were all crazy for taking the slow boat however as it's pretty punishing.
My opinion: if you don't have time to go trekking in northern Laos (we didn't), it's a great way to see the country. If a little sore :)

this photo was taken at about 4pm. The funny light is due to all the smoke from forest fires.....

Anyways, my thoughts by the end of the journey? I think this baseball cap summed it up :)

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