Photo viewing as screensaver

O.k., I don't know why I should be telling you these sort of things as I'm on holidays but I was reading some news on the web and came across this useful way of viewing photos on a computer from someone's site. I.e. someone who's got a gallery online, you can subscribe and they're displayed as a screensaver on your own computer.

Use Google's new pack of applications:
In this collection is Google Photos Screensaver. You'll have to figure out how to add the websites yourself :)
Dawid has gone and added his photos so you can subscribe also. Slightly alternative way but it just links to the new folder he's added.

Why am I wasting my time on the web writing this while on holidays? Viruses almost deleting my photos again. Oh the joys of internet cafes. For anyone coming over here, I'm fairly sure there's a job oppurtunity here in maintaining computers!

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