A little chilling

Decided to treat myself a little bit here, but had to find a way that wouldn't make myself too guilty.

So, courtesy of some great ideas by some locals, there's a few coffee shops, restaurants and shops selling wares that are completely managed and run by streetkids and landmine-victims. they're trained by foriegners so everything was to amazing standards (the best by far I've seen in Asia), but all proceeds&profits are filtered back into Cambodia. A truly noble idea.
Similar in style to something I was shown by my good friend while visiting Salt Lake City.

so, as you can guess, I spent a lot of time sitting back reading international newspapers (free in the shops) and CNN (they all had free Wi-fi access also so got to use the little Archos), while having some local Cambodian coffee or some Spanish tapas. Awesome, not only do I get to spend a fortune (I didn't care that the prices were heavy for Cambodia - $10 for a good meal - it was all going to a good cause) but feel slightly better for it.

As for the shops, the workmanship was incredible, for anyone visiting this part of the world, make sure to stop off (they're listed in The Lonely Planet).

And by the way, the food was amazing :)

Who'd ever thought you'd see a photo of these together?!?!

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