Leaving on a jet plane

so, two months in Asia are finally over and it's back to The Western World. will I miss here? yes and no

the beautiful beaches, amazing weather and amazing culture all give reasons to come back. the distressingly regular attempts by locals at times will not of course :) It's something they'll hopefully learn in time, although being so heavily engrained in their culture means it'll take some time!

As I sit in the new fancy airport and admire the building, I'm so disappointed in the corruption here too. the company running the duty-free have been thrown out for 'irregularities' :) Something that seems to be all too common over here!

I sooo can't wait for some activities now though. I think everyone is a little templed out afte three weeks! It's probably unfortunate that Ankor Wat was the last stop on our touristy trail.....

By the way, I'm typing this on my little walkman as it turns out they don't sell laptops anymore. And I was actually looking forward to working on some other articles I've been thinking of. Drat!

Next time I'm online, it'll be from another continent where everyone is called 'mate', so on that note, G'day!

G'day mate

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