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So, after some very relaxing days around Phnom Penh, it was the next (and last) stop on the Asia tour.

the destination: Ankor Wat, world famous and soon to be (well, it should be) one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World.

I'd been told of a a boat trip that you could take instead of the usual bus, so low and behold I ended up sitting on the roof (seems to happen to me pretty often here!) over our trusty longboat.

Pretty incredible journey though. Blue skies, 35+degrees. Lines upon lines of floating villages - litterally the houses on boats on the river (it helps when the monsoon arrives and the river rises by a few metres). And then to top it all off, old UN car ferries rusting on the side of the river with their heavy artillery weaponry still attached. A legacy to Cambodia's nasty history.

One of the many houses on stilts along the river

Ankor Wat

Transport, Cambodian style