Dawid's Photos

Dawid has posted a ton of photos to his gallery from the past week (at least 250, you have been warned):

Amusingly enough, you'll see there's a gallery for the route that I got at the end.
Yes, I'm wearing a t-shirt in a lot of the photos.
Yes, it was at least 35degrees (Celcius :)
And yes, I will admit that both myself and Dawid were learning how to take proper photos so after some learnings from my Salt Lake City trip (thanks B!), I went with wearing the bright t-shirt. It defintely works - the person looks much brighter. Although, I nearly died from sweating so much, so I think we learnt something from that too ;)
For those taking pics, it really helps with the photos as the climber stands out from the background a lot more.

On a side note, the symbol means 'luck' in Chinese. It did seem apt for the attempts on the route (this was the first day attempts).

The locals of Bangkok

Two technical questions: Flickr and Google Maps