Dawid, you're a lunatic

Firstly, I am soooo glad I was actually properly sick (dodgy food) that day and didn't have any reason to take part. Sean had sense too!

On Ko San Road, the main tourist street in Bangkok, they have some, em, interesting setups for the tourists. There's the go-go girls as I mentioned before, and what turns out to be a huge trade in Thailand. Amazingly, most of the Thai men seem to attend once a month!
There's also some other shows here especially for the tourists but they're definitely in the realm of what happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand. I'm not saying anymore!

And finally, there's the crickets. You read it. They have stalls of bugs. Dawid was loony enough to take part, paying about a euro for a bag of maggots, crickets, and frogs legs, all fried up for his pleasure.
So, yes that photo at the top is what he was given. As you can see from the next pic, they have an 'interesting' taste (although slightly ruined by the fact that they dump a ton of salt on them beforehand).

And the proof that he was eating one......

The funny part? He offered a few to some of the locals (from the more well-off to the people living on the street), and they ALL turned him down in disgust! ha ha ha, brought tears of laughter to my eyes, especially after one of the stray dogs wasn't even interested......

The 3 amigos

The locals of Bangkok