Chiang Mai

An uncle of mine who lived in Asia for a time told me about this amazing, secluded, special place in northern Thailand to visit. The place? Chiang Mai. For those who've been over here, this place is world famous now, how times change, eh?!

Anyway, we're now based here, and have completed the obligitory temples and trekking tour, including of course some bamboo rafting and an elephant ride. I'll have more on this another time.

to finish off my evening on the 'net (40cent per hour!, soooo much cheaper than down south), here's some comments from one of the buddist temples, thought they were pretty cool. This is just a sample, they were posted all over the trees in the temple grounds....

"There is more happiness in giving than taking"

"Do try to do good but not to be great, otherwise you will be in danger"

"today is better than two tomorrow"

"everyone may be a fool but no-one is a fool forever"

"the skilled man does not show off, but the man without knowledge shows off"

"anxiety shortens life"

"crying with the wise is better than laughing with the fool"

when money speaks, truth is silent"

"ignorance is the real evil"

"without a beginning, there is nothing to worry about the end"

That's just a sample.......
have a good weeekend all. Maybe one of those will be of use to you.

Good innings

The 3 amigos