Ankor Wat

Ankor Wat. If you want to know more, Wikipedia will sort you out. I'm sure you'll be aware of it, and for those kids out there, Tomb Raider was filmed there (come to think of it, I'm sure loads of guys will have seen that film too ;).

Some short info: 1 million lived there at one point.
It's big. Real big.
And nature is doing it's best to demolish it. Awesome :)

As for that photo up top, you would want to be completely and utterly nuts to climb on this thing. EVERYTHING is falling down, it's crazy! And even cooler because of it. Especially once you get on a bike to explore and realise the sheer size of the place. One of the buildings and surrounding gardens covers 12kms by 6kms. Silly-big.

And then there's the locals. Everywhere you go, you're being swamped by street sellers from 5 to 80-year-olds. But the kids are cool. The cool moment of the day being when I promised to return to buy some drinks from one of the kids and holding up her little finger for me to hook onto, asks "promise". Of course, no one would say no to that. In return (and for finding her in the mob afterwards), I'm now wearing a new traditional wristband given as a present. The reason why people travel: see the world, meet amazing cultures and people.

Anyway, loads of pics posted on flickr, I'm sure there's one in there that must be half-decent!

p.s. on a side note, I'm getting so restless to get back doing excercise, I almost ignored the sign in that photo ;)

p.p.s. and just to show that the sun (and too many hours spent under it on a bike - about 90kms in two days in 35+ degrees heat) will do to you, I thought the photo below was brilliant when I took it!

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