Thai massages

I think I'm happy I got one. I mean my back now moves in ways it hasn't recently, my legs now flex properly.
But why did she almost have to reduce me to tears?!?!? And all the time with a big smile on her face?!?!?
still though, it does show the abuse we've been putting on ourselves. I got one at the very beginning and it was very relaxing. This one felt like she was standing on me (o.k. she actually was, but, you know what I mean :).

Meant to be entering final three days here, but I've almost committed to spending an additional few days if required to get my current project. My skin is so trashed/sore/purple, but come on, I've only got to hold on for 25 holds (I counted) so I've got no excuses. It's soooo tiring though, overhanging by almost 10 metres, it's only 20 metres high. the biggest hold is almost two knuckles, the smallest is about 4mm. My footholds are, at best, the size of my large toenail. Maybe another 3/4 goes will do it, although no-one seems to get this route easy. Even the World Cup climbing runner-up took 4 goes to get it.

Maybe I should go get myself another Thai massage............

So, Croke Park this weekend, I presume everyone is watching?!!?!? We're trying to arrange to have it up on the TV here........

But still what a line. Taiwanese kid in the photo working hard on the upper wall

Mosquitos, Croke Park and crack-line asskickings?!

Snowboarding video