sluggish day (but not so sluggish....)

Team Ireland has been decimated.
Firstly, there was Yvonne (not part of the main group but hanging around with us a lot).
Then there was Diarmuid, Mikela, Carole, and Alva, all this morning! After losing Barry (Dutch), Mike (English), Isa (Dutch), part of the adopted Irish team, all in the past few days, things are definitely changing around here....

And tomorrow is the big one. Dawid and Sean move a day before me. I've confirmed my madness by deciding to stay behind to finish off the job on my current difficult project route (I'll explain what I mean by 'project route' actually - it seems obvious to climbers but not to to everyone else). This means that tomorrow is a rest day for me (I've climbed for 5 days straight now and my skin and arms need a break!) which means that I'll finish off the route the morning after and then play catch-up. The two guys are heading off to one of the islands on the East coast for some snorkelling/diving (depending on prices) for at least a few days, so I'll catch up with them there.

As for news, Diarmuid came ridiculously close to getting his 7c before leaving, but in the end time ran out. I need to learn from his determination for doing my own routes, it's part of the reason I'm not getting routes quickly (i.e. not committing to them fully). I've hopefully some great pictures that I'll post when I've a decent internet connection.

In typical Irish tradition, we ended up out for drinks last night to say goodbye to the gang. 4 beers later, it was 1am, and I was struggling when I got up (the joys of drinking 6% alcohol in 35degrees, and 100% humidity....). Still though, still managed a Good Day At The Office (i.e. climbing) so hopefully some good news soon....

On a side note, congrats to my Dad surviving 35 years in the same job, then being brave enough to try something else (another challenging job). A great model for everyone who feels like they're stuck in a situation and it can't be changed. Awesome!

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