Pictures added

O.k., we're online. Managed to get some pics posted eventually. See the link just below......

Last rites. 7:45am in Dublin airport, but there was no way I was leaving without a last Guinness! Yes, it was nice, and no, the beer isn't as good here, although it's only a euro a bottle ;)

This is home at present. Basically, there's two beaches side by side. The right hand one is Railay, very popular and famous for everyone.
The left hand one is Ton Sai. It's accessible only by a scramble through the jungle near the sea, or by boat (only by boat from the other side). And this is where all the travellers, and especially the climbers/divers/base jumpers (more on that in another post) stay. Our own private hide-away.
there's about 10 bars, the same amount of restaurants, massage centres, dive shops, climbing shops, some spar-style stores, and not a whole lot else. Basically, some of the crap and all of the beauty!

Deep water soloing & base jumping....

Full Moon Party