New pics added and amusing blog entry

Added some more pics as it's a rest day. Very un-stressful work :)

Things are starting to change here - people are starting to move on. We've just lost two people so it's starting to focus the mind that my time here in Ton Sai will be up in about 5 days......

Also, check out the diary entry on Ryan (a guy we met here) on the side of my blog (there should be a link in my shared items). It's about Tim's unfortunate incident with a cactus tree after base-jumping (I think I mentioned it before).

I see Si Moore sent an 8a in Hueco Tanks (it's showing up on the stats on Nice. Great to see some Irish going well, keep it up.

By the way, we've just realised that every single person in Team Ireland has climbed 7a. We may not be climbing the hardest routes here, but it's a very respectible average in comparison to all the other nationalities. Great work to Dawid and Carole for their respective 7a's in the past week.

Snowboarding video

Mr. 7a