It's about bloody time

After a saga on Phet Maek, one of the first ever routes on Ton Sai Wall, it's done.
Never had to work a route properly before, but this was a proper experience.

Everything about it was tough (for me) though - it's silly-steep to start with (involving a dyno and some average crimps), finished off with big throws between pockets (o.k., maybe something to help me :) to finish.

In total: 10 tries, all because of the final throw to a blind pocket. Heart-breaking to ping off that on a few occasions - I definitely learnt a few things from the practise! After much testing, I could confirm that I physically didn't have the stretch for the final move so had to throw. Talk about relief to get it out of the way!

Roll on the next few projects now, that's one off the list. At least the rest of them are more vertical so hopefully shouldn't take as long.....

Mr. 7a

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