How to relax on Ton Sai

I thought I'd post a little entry of the fun pics. Basically, this is all the fun pics and what we've been doing to occupy ourselves....

Basically, there's some really cool coffee shops in the morning. 'Sea of Love' has basically adopted myself and Sean, they're doing a wonderful job of pampering us with great coffee, pancakes and muesli. The other added benefit is that they've got lots of cool puzzles and Jenga! It's amazing how much time you can spend just tinkering with a block of wood, and you get the added benefit of stimulating the mind while travelling also :)
Some photos below of the gang deep in thought. Diarmuid isn't contemplating a puzzle, I think he's considering whether he should just eat the iPod earphones as they're so crap ;)

There's also, of course, the odd party to take care of. This was last weekend's fire party on Ton Sai beach. The whole village was completely mobbed for the full weekend, absolutely mad. We didn't completely join in all the fun, as when we went to get up the next morning at 8am, the music was STILL playing on the beachfront :) Some of these people know how to party hard!

One of the local barmen showing what he's like swinging some firesticks around. Some of these guys are ridiculously good!!

There's also the relaxing in front of the hut in the middle of the day while the village slowly cooks. Again, Dawid looking like he's enjoying himself too much!

Sean and Dawid chilling also in the other picture. Some alcohol may or may not be involved in the two cheeziest grins I've seen in a while ;) Considering the picture is so blurry some alcohol may or may not have been involved with the photographer also. he he he :)

eco-friendly update: Solio solar charger

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