Google Adsense

O.k., so I'm possibly being a bit cheeky but I've added Google Ads to the side of the blog for a trial. If people don't like it, I'll remove them. I don't think it'll ever make it to the top of the sidebar but maybe it'll rise a little higher.
And yes, I do get money if people click on the adverts (it's a tiny amount per click).

Since I'm being cheeky, if anyone is using my pics as wallpapers (and I know a few are ;), feel free to 'donate' some money to my travelling fund. Obviously, I'm going to leave them free, so there's no obligation, but I know I'll appreciate it if you do. You'd be surprised how much effort some of them took (hanging on a rope for over an hour waiting for Diarmuid's attempts on a route for example).
The easiest way is via Paypal, mail me directly for my user ID.

And out of interest, what do you think of this idea? Is it daft/offensive/cheeky/? Stick the idea in the comments (for all to see - don't be afraid :), or mail me directly at the usual......

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