Full Moon Parties

So, anyone any idea what this will be like? We're heading out to a Full Moon Party on one of the big islands, it's in the top 10 things to do while in Thailand. I'm expecting some madness :)
Basically, we're getting the bus to the east coast, a ferry for 100miles, trying to join in with the 5,000-10,000 other people there for the party, then returning tomorrow morning to Ton Sai after sleeping on the beach. Sounds like a bit of an adventure, so will update if it turns out to be....

Had a silly long day of excercise yesterday. I'll try keep this simple for non-climbers also.....
1.Warmed up by going bolt to bolt on a 7b (that's resting at each bolt, just loosening out)
2. Did the 7b after a brief rest.
3. Worked (i.e. practised) the moves on my project 8a+
4. Almost onsighted the classic 'Tidal Wave' 7b+, except for a slip off the polished glass (they call them holds here, but so much of the climbs are very polished now!)
5. brief lunch break which involved re-learning how to walk a slackline once again
6. ticked off a few weird, but nice, routes with Dawid
7. Finished with some lonnnggggg 6c+'s to end the day.
End Result: one beer and I'm asleep on the beach at 10am :) Fantastic!

On a side note, it's been bugging me about what is so different about this place from China. It's the noise, or lack of it more importantly. O.k., so the long-tail boats the locals use are noisy due to their antiquity, but other than that this country is so pleasant in comparison. The car horns, and the sheer noise China was a major difficulty of the place. People just don't seem to consider others there.

Although Thailand still has a way to go on the cleanliness side to. I was walking to breakfast this morning (French toast, muesli with fruit and natural yoghurt, coffee)when I heard the noise of what sounded like a 60/70 year old man coughing his lungs up. Nope, as I walked past the toilets of one of the locals, it was one of the 30-year old women. Tried not to think about it, especially as I heard her blowing her nose out onto the street after I'd walked by. Shudder.

Still though, another beautiful day here, and have seen some amazing deep water solo lines that I'll hopefully get out to soon. Myself and Dawid are thinking of swimming out of our village some day so maybe bring a drybag with some rockshoes......
will be in touch, any news from anyone?

Full Moon Party

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