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Wow, it all seems like a world away from what I'm up to when you log onto CNN and the main story is about stock markets tumbling. Hard to read into it, when my lifestyle involves a 5-day-a-week sports job. Looks like the euro could be a little stronger over here though if I'm reading it correctly which I'm not complaining about though :)

Anyway, a great write-up on one of my side-hobbies on CNN at the moment. It's under the amusing headline "Going green? Try solar handbags, wind turbines"

On a side note, and just showing how much the internet is changing how news is passed out, even Reuters now run a page on Even they now store all their useful website articles they've found online for free.
The page on renewables can be found here:

We've been impressed to find out that the Thai government is now offering money to promote recycling - about 1 euro for every kilo of plastic bottles of cans. Pretty decent money over here for the locals, so hopefully it makes a difference. We've been astounded to find out that Ko Phi Phi (the famous island out near where The Beach was filmed) has 50TONS of rubbish per day due to tourists........

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