climbing training info

For all you climbers out there, some training info. Basically thoughts on what I've been learning since out here.

Importantly, whatever wall you go to, cover the wall in as many tiny footholds as possible. I.e. stop using hand-to-feet problems. It doesn't transfer to the outside world, and you'll get better both in strength (arms have to take more of the load) and technique (footwork has to be more accurate). It's also closer to the outside-world-climbing. It's an easy training fix.

Secondly, do hangs on small holds. or fingerboards, or doorframes. Whatever, just get your fingers stronger. Bouldering is great, but again hard to develop finger strength.

Do some extra pull-up work, or lock offs of some type. Careful if it's campusing (although it's great too) as it's pretty stressful on the shoulders if you're going big distances between rungs.

All questions are welcome on this, I'll be posting more as I travel......i.e. this is only a teaser!

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