climbing above water, MORE jellyfish, and did someone say 'shark'?

So, we survived the deep water soloing!

Firstly, it's not like home which means that there's no forms, no paperwork. Just a quick talk, "don't do anything stupid, get out of the way of other people when you fall in so they don't fall on top of you, and have fun". The wonders of a non-insurance culture :)
Anyways, I seem to be a magnet for jellyfish. I dive in after arriving out at the island. The water looks clear so why not? I'm the first off the boat :) Come up for air with a stinging lip after one of the buggers stings me. doh! I forgot to mention that there's tons of these tiny little ones that you can't see. They're harmless though, it just feels like someone has stabbed you with a pin. Anyway, yes, there's loads of them in the water out here and I come up with pins and needles all over my body..... Some of the big man o' wars turn up and we then find out from the local guide that they're harmless, it's "the yellow ones you've to watch out for". I must remember that.

Anyway, we all jump from random heights. I commit to 15metres and no higher, I remember from before how sore it was to go from higher up! One of the crazy Americans takes the no-insurance-culture to extremes and jumps from 25 on his first. One very bruised chest and a pounding headache later, he's learnt his lesson.
In the midst of all this, I get out of the water after cutting my skin to bits on the sharp rock while getting out. I curse and say "wow, this rock is sharp!". The Thai climbing guide turns around and with a look of extreme worry goes: "SHARK?!!??? WHERE!?!?". As you can guess my jaw hits the floor. He almost looks as relieved as I do when I explain that I'd said the word 'sharp'......
Other than that, it's great fun, and falling into water is most entertaining, I'll have to do it again after my skin has recovered :)

Since that, we survived Sean's 25th (uneventful, but the real party was the Full Moon, and the Fire Party tomorrow night) last night. A few cheap beers and lots of messing on the slackline.
High 30's today, everyone is melting. Woke up to find some Norwegian girls in the hut. Turns out they were on the lookout for accomodation, had seen the door open and just stuck their head in to see what the interiors were like. A lot nicer looking sight than Dawid or Sean in the morning though, so I'm thinking of kicking the lads out ;) he he he

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