basejumping loonie and climbing words

Oh yeah, Tim. Tim Emmett is the guy in Dosage 3 (a climbing movie) doing all the deep water soloing in Vietnam. The man is wild, parties hard!

He's been basejumping off the tops of all the towers here, so far only one near miss after he got blown back into the cliff and ended up hanging about 10 metres off the deck for an hour (his chute got caught in a tree and he was hanging from it). Much the bemusement of the 100+ people walking underneath him :)

Anyway, really cool bloke, and super psyched!

For queries in the previous article to climbing terminology:
Crimp: a small edge, usually one or two knuckles deep.
Sloper: litterally a sloping hold.
Dyno: a jump. Wild to do and always fun. Can be exciting to do on a route as it usually involves losing contact with the wall for a moment.
Crux: the hardest section of the a climb

Onsight: doing a route from the ground up without falling off at all and having no prior knowledge of the route. Obviously the best style as it involves figuring out everything as you climb, including the crux section
Flash: Doing a route almost onsight, but knowing information about the route beforehand. Obviously helps as you don't have to work out difficult sequences if you're told how to do it beforehand. Still impressive. Doesn't always work out well, as the guy who gave you the information could be taller/shorter/stronger/flexible/etc. I'd this experience yesterday on that 7c+.
Redpoint: practising the moves on a route bit by bit and then trying to climb the route completely clean at another time. This is basically the 'project', and usually involves climbs at your very limit (not possible to onsight.....yet).

Ask if there's anymore queries!

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